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O'Neill Ops Class 3 Weapons
SBR's, SBS's, AOW's and Suppressors

When buying from me, I will fill out the Form 4 and then get it to you for your CLEO to sign, you to sign, affix pictures, get finger print cards, etc.

I let YOU send in the paperwork.

TIP: I suggest you use standard first class postage. It is a waste of money to send it registered, next day, etc.

TIP: Use a personal check to pay for the excise tax. Make sure you can get a copy of the returned check from your bank. It is proof of the day the BATFE cashes your check.

I will need all of the following
1. YOUR Full Name, Address, City, State, ZIP, County
2. Law Enforcement Organization who will sign off on the form, Name for Chief Law Enforcement Officer(CLEO) and their position who will sign the form. Address, City, State, ZIP, County, Phone Number of the organization.
3. Certification of Compliance with 18 USC 922(g)(5)(B), Form BATFE 5330.20. Print out a copy. You will fill in both 1 & 2 with your name. Fill any others that apply to you and sign at #7. Yes you fill out BOTH 1 and 2 with YOUR name. It seems strange, but that is the way it works.
4. Two (2) 2"x2" passport photo IDs. NOTE: I suggest put your name and SSN # on the back of both photo's in case they come off the form.
5. Two (2) BATFE completed finger print cards. These can be taken to your local law enforcement authority to have processed. You can get these cards from O’Neill Ops when I process your sale. You must use specific BATFE finger print cards that contain routing information for the BATFE.
6. Check for $200, made payable to: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

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