Predator hunting: Suppressed®


In the Middle of Nowhere South Dakota, where the Sky meets the Prairie, you'll find us.

Photos by james O’Neill and Ben Lundsten

Over 4 generations our family has been hunting this land. With each step we have sharpened our skills and honed our trade. Hunting is in our blood, and it is how we have survived.

O'Neill Ops is dedicated to bringing you the best gear, in-depth video reviews, and hunting tactics.


Hand Crafted And Precision Machined


When we hit the field only the best equipment makes the cut. O'Neill Ops consults with some of the world's top gun makers and suppressor manufacturers. We expect accuracy and precision on every hunt. Find out how you can get your hands on our custom built products.


Field Tested

Made to last

There are no guarantees in the realm of hunting, the odds are always against you.  Help eliminate variables the elements present. Our gear is designed to be used in the harshest conditions and the toughest terrain.


Predator Hunting: SUPPRESSED®

fatal funnel

Along with our Hybrid hunting style of non-traditional equipment, camo, techniques, and footage.  We run suppressors exclusively on every platform we hunt with.

Behind the Hunt

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