Our Manufacturers

In the beginning we simply moded our own gear to fit what we felt was a performance gap.  Always having a desire for equipment that could out perform what we put it through, we sought it out.  After years of R&D and getting a foothold in the industry by using some of our footage, we found companies who made gear on the level we needed. Upon building business relationships with well known American manufacturers,  it was only a matter of time before we offered our own line as an exclusive.  Each piece of O’Neill Ops equipment is custom manufactured for us. We pride ourselves in featuring the highest quality products designed for the field. Learn more about our manufacturers below.

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For the past 10 Years, Gunwerks has established its reputation by building and delivering complete shooting systems. From the bipod to the ballistic turret and everything in between, the Gunwerks shooting system comes ready to go. While other manufacturers were letting customers mount their own scopes and test their own loads, Gunwerks was delivering a shooting system capable of shooting accurately to 1000 yards, right out of the box.

“1000 Yards, Out of the Box!”



Built for precision mid to LR range shots

The MaraudR was built from the ground up with multiple functions in mind.

Along with the ergonomics customized by the user, this Rifle was designed to be application specific.  Precision shots capable of 1/4 MOA from 50 - 1000yds using specified hand loads.  In our location wind is always a factor, and having the capability to run the heavier bullets is a definite must, so we designed our rifle with a 1:8 twist to stabilize the heavies, and withdrew from the standard 1:14 twist.  Being a fan of the short heavier contour barrels, we chose the 16.5” Heavy Sendero CF from PROOF Research.

Being Suppressed Hunters, the Rifle was designed to be ran with a can, the OAL of the MaraudR was significantly reduced by taking the common 24” barrel length and cutting it down to 16.5” and incorporating A Carbon Fiber Shell ClymR Stock, Titanium GLR Action, and Carbon Fiber Proof Barrel.

Configurable in 2 different camo patterns, Snow Camo (Blizzard) and Tan Camo (Arid), and offering 3 different caliber options 22-250, 22 Creed, and 6 Creed, We can customize this Rifle System for your application.


BUILT FOR the night hunter

Manufactured with the sole purpose of being compact, quiet and precise,  The MaraudIR is further from any traditional Coyote rig you will ever see. Designed to be user friendly in the dark, short, compact, ergonomic, and deadly.

The MaraudIR totes a 1:8 twist 16.5” Heavy Sendero Carbon Fiber Proof Research Barrel making it even more compact with a suppressor attached.  With a fully adjustable Carbon Shell Verdict stock, you can easily interchange the grips to optimize fit for palm swell and shooting style. We’ve also added an EFR to mount Thermal or NV clip on optics, along with an ARCA rail for quick efficient tripod mounting. A QD DBM system allows for a simple mag change in the dark instead of relying on top feeding. We’ve also added the Titanium GLR action for strength and weight reduction.

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Established in 1998, SRT Arms is the firearms division of Sound Research Technologies, which was formed with the goal of understanding, identifying, and reducing the ear damaging noise from industrial and firearms related high pressure sound pulses.
From this research, we are able to offer the best suppressors currently available on the market to you, the shooter. We strive to offer suppressors with sound reduction better than or equal to any of our competitors, yet still offer products that do not degrade accuracy, or bullet velocity.

OPS .224 V.A.P.R

optimized for maximum sound reduction and accuracy

Sourced from of our experience in the field of hunting and shooting, fused with the innovation and technology of SRT Arms.

O’Neill Ops brings you the .224 V.A.P.R.™   this suppressor was optimized for maximum sound reduction, and designed to withstand any .224 caliber round you can put through it, being a host on several calibers which have included but are not limited to,  the 223 WSSM, 220 Swift, 22-250 AI, 22-250, 223 AI, 223, 204, and 22LR, with no cold, first shot POI deviation.

Grade 9 Titanium seamless aerospace hydraulic tubing was the choice for the tube.  Baffles and end caps are machined 6AL-4V, the blast baffle is machined from 718 Inconel that is suited for use in extreme environments subjected to pressure and heat, it will give you a lifetime of service.

The OPS .224 V.A.P.R.™  is the first Suppressor researched and developed by a team of predator hunters, designed, tried and proven for our need in the field.  We harvested over 200 coyotes during the first season (4months) of the Suppressors existence, this suppressor has proven itself to our team.  Become more successful, pound more fur.  Get our Can in your hand.

ABOUT The Company

Founded by Michael Stanchik in 1999, as an out of the garage operation, Tactical Concealment is a Limited Liability Corporation, based in Tempe Arizona.  Operating at the capacity of a defense manufacturer the company designs, produces, and delivers specialized sniper apparel, camouflage/concealment oriented products, and specialty tactical products to the U.S. Military, all levels of U.S. Law enforcement, and to those patriot nations worldwide.


Having used Tactical Concealment ghillie foundations for years, they are one of our “go to” manufacturers in the industry.  The HVP “Hunter vs. Predator” Hood, has been years in the making. Taking certain options that Tactical Concealment offered and integrating them with a few of our own, we brought the original intent of the Ghillie back to it roots. A hood that is designed for hunting.  

Our mindset behind the HVP was simple, a high speed low drag piece of equipment that was light, compact, and had the availability to break up your outline if a skyline set was your only option.   The HVP has aided our work in the field, hunting, filming, and concealing the camera man, and gunner, into a variety of backstops.