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The regions thermal and night vision experts...

Night hunting isn’t only a passion for us, but a necessary tool when controlling Predators during Calving season. In the beginning, our State had crippling restrictions on our capabilities as night hunters. So we took action by working with local State Representatives and Senators, aided in writing Legislation (SB58 and HB1219) and testified in front of the Senate and House Committees multiple times. Eventually passing the Legislation, and giving us more rights as Landowners and Sportsman, to do what needed to be done. Since then we’ve teamed up with the largest Thermal and Night Vision Retailer in the nation, Ultimate Night Vision.

Like everything we do, Thermal and Night Vision is no exception we design and modify our equipment to fit our application, and our hunting style.

We offer equipment in a multiple of configurations, from our custom Snow Camo and Coyote Tan helmet mounted VYPER-14’s, to Weapon mounted Clip on and stand alone Thermal sights, that are designed to power through our frigid sub zero conditions without failure.

Having the ability and experience using Thermal and Night vision based on thousands of hours of combined usage, in the field hunting, identifying and detecting predators. Allows us to help you decide, and make an educated decision on which Night Vision, Thermal scanner, or Weapon sight not only fits your budget, but fits your specific application.  

For more info and ordering email us at ( or call 605.899.0023

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