James O'Neill


O'Neill Ops originated over 30 years ago. However within the past decade, our team has acquired high quality film equipment and taught ourselves a unique skill set regarding the manner in which we want to present our footage.

Along with our exclusive video editing, and use of high end equipment, our team has handled and used over 40 different makes, models, of manufacturers suppressors, in the field, and in the realm of predator and big game hunting, all while documenting the hunts on HD video.

With a primary background of being a fourth generation farmer and rancher, as well as being an FFL/SOT, predator hunting and hunting in general is in our blood.  Our introduction to hunting and shooting at the age of 4, solidifies our experience and success in the field. Our earliest memories being, skinning coyotes with our dad when pelts brought a 100 dollars a piece, and getting into calling contest with our grandfather, it truly is part of who we are.

Our team brings a unique hybridization of non traditional equipment, techniques, and physical training to help us succeed in the field.

“Learn To Discipline Yourself, So That Someone Else Doesn’t Have To.”

-James O’Neill


If you're interested in our products or services send us a message. We enjoy hearing from our community. You can also reach us at oneillops@goldenwest.net

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